13 Sep 20223 | Campaign

Bingo! Mad Angles merges user-generated content, memes, TV commercials, and GenAI to craft a rap.

Bingo! tapped into the prowess of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) to fashion a campaign that seamlessly merges technology and creativity. Beginning with a cryptic TVC teaser, Bingo! posed the question: “Uss Raat Kya Hua Tha?" (What happened that night), challenging participants to unleash their inner detectives and derive wild theories to solve the mystery. The result? Users flooded the campaign pages on social media with theories that could only be described as wildly absurd and over the top. 


Finally, Bingo! shortlisted 20 quirkiest entries, which were later used as the foundation for Midjourney, the GenAI wizard of image generation, to conjure up a collection of surreal and uproarious memes that brought the theories to life.


As the campaign culminated, Bingo! introduced a rap video through the storyline formed by the memes. The imaginative story was crafted into lyrics by ChatGPT.Now that’s a Mad Angle… for marketers!