13 Sep 2023 | Blogs

Survive the exam season with a few Tedhe Medhe tips!

1. Embrace the Pajama Power:

Upgrade your study attire to superhero-level comfort by donning your most outrageous pajamas. The wilder, the better. You'll be amazed at how the sheer ridiculousness boosts your mood and makes even the toughest subjects a little more bearable.


2. Create an Exam Playlist of Victory:

Compile a playlist that transforms studying into a rock concert for one. Amp up the volume on your favorite motivational tunes, turning your room into a stage where you're the headlining act. Just be sure your air guitar skills don't distract you too much.


3. Summon the Snack Squad:

Snack attacks are your secret weapon. Arm yourself with an arsenal of absurdly named snacks – like "Brain Boost Bites" or "Cramming Crunchies." The more ludicrous, the better. Every munch is a step closer to acing that exam.


4. Master the Art of Procaffeination:

Turn procrastination into a caffeinated art form. Schedule regular coffee breaks, complete with dramatic sips and exaggerated sighs of enlightenment. Bonus points for adopting an overly serious expression while staring into the abyss of your coffee cup.


5. Invent Study Games:

Inject some fun into your study routine with creative games. Turn flashcards into a high-stakes poker game or quiz yourself with a game show-style buzzer. Remember, the more over-the-top, the better. Your study space is now an entertainment zone.


6. Form a Pillow Fort Alliance:

Collaborate with fellow survivors to construct an epic pillow fort. Declare it a neutral zone for shared snacks, collective procrastination, and mutual support. When the exam stress hits, retreat to your fortress of comfort and solidarity.


7. Become a Master of Dramatic Readings:

Transform your study materials into riveting scripts. Read your notes aloud with Shakespearean flair, complete with dramatic pauses and emotional monologues. Your roommates might think you've lost it, but your newfound thespian skills will make the information unforgettable.


8. Decode Exam Jargon

Turn complex terms into a language only you understand. Create outrageous acronyms or mnemonic devices that border on absurdity. The more ridiculous, the easier it is to recall. Soon, you'll be speaking your own exam-centric dialect.


9. Invest in Study-Sized Confetti Cannons:

Celebrate every small victory, no matter how trivial, with a mini confetti explosion. Finished a chapter? Confetti time. Memorized a formula? Confetti time. Your study area may resemble a party aftermath, but the joy is worth it.


10. Embrace the Power of the Blanket Cape:

 When the exam day arrives, channel your inner superhero by wearing a blanket as a cape. Stride confidently into the exam room, knowing you've harnessed the mystical powers of coziness. The invincible feeling will help you conquer those questions like a true exam avenger.


Remember, surviving exams is not just about mastering the material; it's about mastering the art of turning stress into a comedy of errors. With these hilarious tips, you'll not only conquer your exams but also emerge with a smile and a story to tell.