Tedhe Medhe tips for surviving the exam season

With many generations passing, the only thing that ever scares a student is the word “Exam”. The exam season is the only time during the student life where one loses their cool and starts panicking. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are the Tedhe Medhe ways for surviving this exam season:


Tedhe Medhe & study buddy to the rescue!

The main requirement for the exam season is to get the study material from a most trusted, talented and smartest person. No, not your professor, we’re talking about your one and only study buddy. But wait, they will never let it go for free. So, why don’t you give them a pack of Tedhe Medhe in return for the notes? It’s that simple!

Drop in a visit to your Professor

Visit your professor for solving your doubts and question. Oh, also make sure that your doubts and questions are complex than ever. Why, you ask? This makes sure that your professor understands or at least assumes that you are working quite hard for the exams! Professor’s brownie points are the most important brownie points EVER!

Snack some, read more

It is necessary that you make sure your appetite is satisfied at all times during the exam season. But we are sure that if someone asks you to have the same food again and again, you would rather step out and have some junk food. So instead, why don’t you stack packs of our light and crisp Bingo Tedhe Medhe at your house? Pssst, you would want to buy the “Masala Tadka” flavour – spicy food can help you stay up at night!

Keep your mind relaxed

It is always important for you to make sure that you are relaxed during studying. Take breaks in between your study schedule. During your break time, head over to our Instagram page @bingo_comedy and check out our collection of memes! We are sure they will make you laugh your stress out!

Exercise with Tedhe Medhe

“Exercising during exams? You’re crazy!” – Is this what you’re thinking? If yes, you have to trust us when we say “Exercising will help you feel better afterwards”. “But how do I exercise with Tedhe Medhe?” – Is this your next question? Haven’t you seen what Bingo Tedhe Medhe does to the best of the best? You can never just have one and stop, you will EAT, PHIR REPEAT, PHIR REPEAT, PHIR REPEAT – get those bicep exercises going!

There is no better way to write exams than staying cool while still being absolutely prepared and even if you don’t ace it as good as you expected, it’s not the end of the world!