Tedhe Medhe tips for Acing an Interview

When you’re done with college, the next question you get from everyone around you is, “What’s next?” And rightly so, right after college, there’s the placement season giving you an opportunity to get an answer for those people. But before you get your books out to start preparing basics, here are 5 TEDHE steps that you can follow to crack your placements.

Look Presentable

No matter whether it is an interview you were forced to attend or one which you want to crack, make sure you look presentable. Men, get your best formal shirt and trousers out, polish and keep your formal shoes ready. Add a tie and a blazer to the mix – you’re golden! Apply some hair wax and make sure your hair looks on-point. And all the pretty women out there, whip out that classy pair of black kitten heels, a grey skirt and you’re ready to slay! Or, you can just pair black trousers with any formal shirt of your liking.

Scout for interviewers

Ready your troops, it’s time for a scouting mission. Get your roommates, classmates, basically every friend of yours and scout for who is coming to take the interview. Elders said “Never judge a book by its cover”, but sometimes it works. So go out there, comrades and start scouting!

Bribe for questions

When a person steps out from the interview room, the first question you need to ask him/her is “What were you asked?” Forget all the “how was it”, “what did you say?”. Nah, who cares about all that?

And, if they are too stubborn, “Bingo!” to the rescue! A pack of Bingo Tedhe Medhe in exchange for the questions is a pretty sweet deal!

Look confident

Confidence is the key to success. Enter that interview room as if you are the perfect person for the job! Never once let that level of confidence go down. Period.

Step out of the room like a boss

I mean, how will someone waiting outside know whether or not you have successfully gotten the job? But what’s the harm in acting like you got the job? So when the interview is done, walk out of that room like you’re appointed as the CEO of the company, even if you failed miserably.

So head out there and get prepared to rock any interview that comes your way!