7 MAD friends you’ll make in college

College is where you make some friendships that might last a lifetime. And a gang of friends is always like a Mad Angle chip. No matter which angle you approach them from, you are guaranteed to get a taste of the MAD! So, let’s have a look at some MAD people you’ll meet in college and end up being friends with.

Tedhe Medhe tips for surviving the exam season

With many generations passing, the only thing that ever scares a student is the word "Exam". The exam season is the only time during the student life where one loses their cool and starts panicking. Don't worry, we've got you covered. Here are the Tedhe Medhe ways for surviving this exam season

Tedhe Medhe tips for Acing an Interview

When you're done with college, the next question you get from everyone around you is, "What's next?" And rightly so, right after college, there's the placement season giving you an opportunity to get an answer for those people. But before you get your books out to start preparing basics, here are 5 TEDHE steps that you can follow to crack your placements.

Binge with Bingo: Top 10 all-time favourite American TV shows

Don’t you have weekends when you don’t particularly feel like doing anything? You are too lazy to go out or meet your friends. The eventful week has worn you out completely! You just want to sit on your couch or your bed, turn on the TV or get your laptop out, grab a pack of Bingo! and just… Binge! Both on the chips and one of these amazing shows from American TV. You might have already watched most – if not all – of these, but hey, if you can’t watch it at least twice in a row, they wouldn’t be on this list!

5 must-watch Bollywood movies and the perfect Bingo! to go with each

What’s more fun than watching Bollywood movies with your friends and family on a Sunday? Watching it with the perfect pack of Bingo! So, here are our top picks for the must-watch Bollywood movies, and the perfect Bingo! to go with each of them

How to throw the perfect house party with Bingo!

When you move out of your home to a new city, ready to spread your wings and conquer the world, it can get pretty lonely sometimes. You need to make new friends and have your little chosen family. And what better way to do it than by throwing the best house party ever! And once you have your chosen family, what better way to keep in touch than throwing the best house party ever!