Binge with Bingo: Top 10 all-time favourite American TV shows

Don’t you have weekends when you don’t particularly feel like doing anything? You are too lazy to go out or meet your friends. The eventful week has worn you out completely! You just want to sit on your couch or your bed, turn on the TV or get your laptop out, grab a pack of Bingo! and just… Binge! Both on the chips and one of these amazing shows from American TV. You might have already watched most – if not all – of these, but hey, if you can’t watch it at least twice in a row, they wouldn’t be on this list!

So, here are our all-time favourite American TV shows to binge with bingo!

Breaking Bad

This neo-western crime drama series was a revolution worldwide. Considered by its hard-core fans as the best TV show of all time, it has won 16 Emmys during its time!

Game of Thrones

Here we go! Would you ever forgive us if we didn’t include GoT on this list? Just like a pack of Mad Angles Mmmm Masala, this political drama is filled with all kinds of spices! It’s got action, it’s got adventure, it’s got wars, dragons, and plenty of suspense and drama to keep almost the entire world hooked! Seriously, do you even know anyone who hasn’t heard of this show?

Stranger Things

Like Mad Angles Fillos, this horror drama fantasy is ridden with mystery. Seriously, iss mein kuch hai! It doesn’t just give you chills, it also gives you short rushes of nostalgia. This one definitely is the most fun show to watch right now.

Modern Family

This family sitcom shot in a mockumentary style definitely tugs at our heartstrings. The togetherness and slight dysfunction of this family is something everyone can relate to. After all, we all have unique, crazy, fun families. This is the best show to watch with your family and all the snacks from the Bingo! family.


Yes, you might probably have been expecting this one on this list or just about any list that mentions ‘best TV shows’. It’s a cliché to include it to be honest, but can you imagine this list without it?! It was, is, and always will be one of the most loved comedy shows of all time and the best thing about it? You can binge on it anytime, anywhere, just like how you can binge on a pack of Bingo! anytime, anywhere!