7 MAD friends you’ll make in college

College is where you make some friendships that might last a lifetime. And a gang of friends is always like a Mad Angle chip. No matter which angle you approach them from, you are guaranteed to get a taste of the MAD! So, let’s have a look at some MAD people you’ll meet in college and end up being friends with.

The Fashionista

He/she is one of those few people who feel and dress as if every single day in college is a Friday night. They are responsible for your group getting all the attention from the opposite gender.

Don’t get confused if some hot guy/girl is approaching you, they’re probably trying to get to your friend. And if you’re the Fashionista of the group, you have every right to send this to your friends and let them know about the attention you bring to the group.

The Fighter

This type of friend is always literally MAD. No matter how big or small the situation, they’re always in the mood for a fight. They’re more like bodyguards of the group and they will always jump to defend you.

The Gamer

Every college you go to, you’ll find a gamer who you can probably see being up at 3 in the morning playing some game or the other. Want the latest games? Head over to your gamer buddy’s room!

The Lover

They are the ones who are always either in pursuit of love, trying to make the love work, or trying to get over a love. It’s pretty difficult to find them being single, and they always have a plus one to every little thing you invite them to. They are also known for their relationship advice, tips and tricks!

The Photographer

These kind of people are abundant in every college but are usually guys. A pair of sunglasses, a DSLR hanging from their neck, and a photography page on Facebook and Instagram – all it takes for them to be “photographers”. Don’t mistake them for either ‘The Fashionista’ or ‘The Lover’ because the only reason why they tend to be around girls is their DSLR!

The Study Buddy

Be it class tests, assignments or even finals – these friends are the only ones to look up to. From providing notes to coaching for the exams, they are the specialists and life saviours. Always cherish these friends and protect them at all costs!

Now that you know about some MAD people you’d meet in college and become best buds forever with, here are some honourable mentions before we get to the final one:

a. The Proxy god
b. The always enthusiastic
c. The driver

The Richie Rich

Finally, the Richie Rich is the one who probably takes a shower with money and wipes… okay, let’s not go there. A friend you’ll find in college whose parents probably have the money to buy the entire college. He is the one that sponsors expensive lunches, movie tickets, snacks and what not!