5 must-watch Bollywood movies and the perfect Bingo! to go with each

What’s more fun than watching Bollywood movies with your friends and family on a Sunday? Watching it with the perfect pack of Bingo! So, here are our top picks for the must-watch Bollywood movies, and the perfect Bingo! to go with each of them


Sholay (1975) – Bingo! Yumitos Original Style Salt Sprinkled

Sholay is the tale of friendship through adversity. It is touted as the classic of Bollywood cinema and every Bollywood Cinephile would have seen it at least once in their lifetime.

Just like how Sholay is a classic through the ages, Original Salted by Bingo! Yumitos is a classic through the ages.

Golmaal (1979) – Tedhe Medhe Lime Chatpata

This classic set the tone for Comedy in Bollywood. Full of twists and turns and a never-ending streak of laughter, this movie is touted as the comedy of the era.

Just like Tedhe Medhe Lime chatpata, this movie was filled with rib crackling moments.

Andaaz Apna Apna (1994) – Tedhe Medhe Achaari Masti

This movie is like a relay of errors – characters get swapped, villains are here to kidnap and overall, it’s a full-blown Bollywood comedy where every character is flimsy.

Just like how achaar adds chatpata to your palate, this movie also is full of twists, turns and confusions. So, Achaari Masti from Tedhe Medhe is the perfect snack to watch this movie with!

DDLJ (1995) – Yumitos Cream and Onion

This movie is the love story Bollywood swears by. 2 souls who met overseas unite after quite a family drama.

It’s the tale of a classic combination that hails from abroad, but loved by Indians! Just like the combo of cream (smooth) and onion (pungent) in Yumitos Cream and Onion.

Chachi 420 (1997) – Bingo! Mad Angles Mmmm Masala

This movie is a comedy that tells the story of a father who disguises himself as a woman to win his daughter back. It is the 1997 Hindi remake of Kamal Hassan’s Tamil comedy film Avvai Shanmugi, which was inspired by Robin Williams’ 1993 Hollywood Comedy, Mrs. Doubtfire.

Since the movie is full of masala, an element of surprise, and the characters’ mysterious nature, Mad Angles Mmmm Masala is the best snack to go with it.