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Tomato Tangles

Description: Imagine a tangy tomato turned into multiple crunchy strands that can explode in your mouth creating a spectrum of flavours! Now, stop imagining and get a pack of Tomato Tangles for it to actually happen!


  1. Energy (kcal) - 546
  2. Protein (g) - 7.6
  3. Carbohydrate (g) - 54.7
    of which Sugar (g) - 6.2
  4. Fat (g) - 33.0
  5. Trans fat (g) - 0.1
  6. Saturated fat (g) - 15.6

Ingredients: Rice grits, Refined palmolein, Potato powder, Gram grits, Seasoning mix [Refined sugar, Iodised salt, #Spices & condiments, Tomato powder (0.7%), Onion powder, Milk solids, Acidity regulators (INS 330, INS 296), Garlic powder, Maltodextrin, Dextrose, Yeast extracts, Anticaking agent (INS 551), Medium chain triglycerides oil (Refined coconut oil & Refined palm kernel oil) and Flavour enhancers (INS 627, INS 631)], Oat powder, Chilli powder, Iodised salt and Stabilizer (INS 170(i)). #Used as Natural Flavouring agent.

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